Intro People continued to go crazy, talking about nonsense things, hiding their inner madness under the surface of calm. We have been repressed for too long, and we are leaving our own traces in this era in our own way. In many years to come, will we look back on this period and laugh because we were mad, or feel helpless because of the reasons for our madness? I try to propose a fictional and amusement park like contextual approach to resist the ongoing discomfort. Take the initiative to find some opportunities to make the world soft. I've put together an unorganized collection of crazy words and pictures, and you can join in the madness! You can say whatever you want, by downloading the last person's crazy comments. (ps. I'm obviously a bit delirious for creating this project when I've just had covid-19 and recovered, so who's to say what I'm doing isn't insane?)

This is an ongoing, open-ended project.
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1 #The spirit of contemporary youth be like

As long as you say this phrase and send out this emoji on the Internet, whether you are rushing the delivery before the Double 11, eating strawberries to remove seeds or preparing to de-core dragon fruit, or even ordering fish balls with thick noodles and telling the boss that you don't want fish balls, you can get the approval and encouragement of young people all over the Internet in a second.

Open the social media platforms and search for #MentalStatus, you will see all kinds of expressions from young people. The first thing you'll see is the phrase "I'm fine, thank you, and you?" The phrase "bad morning" on Monday morning, in just three words, condenses the infinite nostalgia for the past Friday, the regret and remorse for not enjoying the weekend, and a distinct attitude of "I didn't go to this class/school by choice".

The collapse of a college student may be the result of a lifetime of good deeds; the collapse of a worker may be the result of the last colleague who poured out the hot water and did not reheat it. We all seem to grow up more fragile, and at this moment, on the Internet "crazy" seems to have become the most simple and efficient emotional outlet for young people today. The so-called "emotional management" "emotional stability" requires us to maintain systematic and rational in our daily lives, like a machine to organize life and work in a circle with the established success and interests of society. But after all, people are not machines, once the parts are broken, not a repair can return to factory settings so simple, so it becomes particularly important to find an outlet. Whether it is the popular "shameful but useful escape" or the pursuit and promotion of the public's sense of relaxation some time ago, or the nonsensical "crazy behavior" that is now popular, it is essentially a means of self-help.

'Crazy literature' can be generated by AI with one click. "The exaggeration and disorder that emerges at this point, like the emotionally charged crazy literature and emo packs in Qiong Yao's drama, becomes a ploy for young people to risk hedging with overloaded information, defeating meaninglessness with meaninglessness and ironically not speaking properly with gloom and doom." One media outlet specifically pointed out that "unlike the personal emotion, who regurgitates emotions alone, this process leaps personal troubles and bitterness into a group expression through public shouting." After the emotions that originally belonged only to us as individuals are diluted and generalized into the emotions of the whole group, each person can get support from it and use it to complete the comfort of self and the leveling of the bitterness.

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